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Three Toronto Restaurants That Serve Great Sandwiches

Andrew Sommerhalder is an accomplished Toronto-based financial executive who draws upon more than three decades of accounting and business management experience. Since 2019, he has served as the group controller of Envision Sales Inc. Outside his professional duties, Andrew Sommerhalder enjoys exploring his home city of Toronto in search of the best sandwich.

Toronto has an endless array of popular sandwich shops, with each having its own unique options for sandwich lovers. The city’s sandwich offerings range from smoked meat sandwiches, Italian deli sandwiches, egg and cheese bagels, and Mexican Tortas, among others. The following are some of Toronto restaurants where one can find a standout sandwich.

La Cubana

Known for its signature Pressed Cubano Sandwich, made from its freshly-baked Cuban bread, La Cubana is a family-managed Cuban restaurant with branches in Ossington, Roncesvalles, and Leslieville. With interiors featuring creatively designed decor, La Cubana also offers a wide range of Cuban foods, cocktails, and an in-house craft beer.

Belly Buster Submarines

For more than five decades, Belly Buster has provided Toronto with delicious sub sandwiches. Its Cheese Steak Sub and classic Assorted Sub are among the favorites worth trying. Customers choose from a 6 or 12-inch sub made using whole wheat or white bread, plus a wide variety of toppings. The main restaurant is located north of Yonge & Lawrence, but there are also locations in Leslieville and in Toronto’s Entertainment District.

Thindi Cafe

Located at 400 College St., Thindi Cafe offers the Mumbai Grilled Cheese, a classic Indian street-side sandwich. The sandwich is layered with potatoes, chaat masala, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, fresh coriander, and lots of cheese.


The Canadian CPA Professional Education Program Modules

A seasoned financial professional, Andrew Sommerhalder served as a controller for Envision for three years before starting as a financial manager with the Arrowsmith Program in Toronto. Andrew Sommerhalder holds both the CGA and CPA designations.

The Chartered Professional Accountant designation, or CPA, is an accounting and business credential for those interested in developing their careers. One can become a CPA in Canada by fulfilling the requirements, which include completing the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and passing the Common Final Examination (CFE). CPA PEP is a graduate-level program where candidates learn the application of professional knowledge, ethics, and values in a professional context. The program includes six modules designed to build knowledge and practical skills.

All CPA candidates take two common core modules concentrating on the development of management and financial accounting competencies. Then, they take two electives that allow them to focus on areas of interest. There are four electives from which candidates must choose: finance, performance management, assurance, and tax. The last two are mandatory for those pursuing careers in public accounting.

Additionally, there is one capstone integrative module focusing on the integration of core competencies and the development of enabling competencies, and one capstone exam preparation model that prepares CPA candidates for the CFE.

Enjoying the Signature Dish Peameal Bacon Sandwich from Toronto

A former group controller with Envision in Toronto, Canada, Andrew Sommerhalder draws on 19 years of accounting experience as a financial manager with Toronto’s Arrowsmith Program. In his free time, Andrew Sommerhalder enjoys exploring Toronto to find the best sandwich.

While not as famous as Philadelphia’s cheese steak sandwich, the peameal bacon sandwich has earned recognition. Former Toronto mayor John Tory dubbed it the city’s signature dish after it won a week-long online poll. The peameal bacon sandwich traces its roots to the early 1900s when Toronto became known as Hogtown for its role in processing pork from all over Canada.

To preserve the pork, Toronto pork processors began salting the cuts of pork loin, then rolling them in dried, crushed yellow peas to keep them fresh for export. Though sandwich makers today use cornmeal instead of crushed peas, the sandwich remains popular on brunch menus nationwide. In Toronto, the Carousel stall at the open-air St. Lawrence Market offers a classic version of the sandwich, with a thick stack of peameal bacon slices on a white bun.

CPA Ontario’s Practice Inspection Program

A financial manager with the Arrowsmith Program in Toronto, Ontario, Andrew Sommerhalder has served in accounting and controller positions with several different large Canadian companies. Andrew Sommerhalder is a chartered professional (CPA) who holds active membership in both CPA Canada and CPA Ontario.

In addition to serving the best interests of its membership base, CPA Ontario is firmly dedicated to protecting the general public by promoting professional and ethical conduct throughout the industry. To further these efforts, the organization ensures that its members meet high standards through its Practice Inspection program.

An essential part of CPA Ontario’s regulatory processes, the Practice Inspection program neither sets the standards it evaluates nor disciplines practices for failing to meet them. Both the CPA Canada Handbook and CPA Ontario’s Member’s Handbook detail the organization’s specific practice standards and disciplinary measures.

The CPA Ontario Practice Inspection program is specifically focused on the identification of areas of practice that may require additional measures to meet CPA Ontario’s performance benchmarks. It accomplishes this by thoroughly assessing each practice’s established quality controls and reviewing both its assurance and compilation engagement files.

Wine Festivals around the World

Andrew Sommerhalder graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor’s degree in science. He works as a Financial Manager for Arrowsmith in Toronto, Canada. Outside of his work, Andrew Sommerhalder is a wine connoisseur.

Wine festivals showcase not only wines but also varieties of food, culture, and music. Many of the top wine festivals take place in the fall harvest season when winemaking begins. However, there are opportunities throughout the year to attend wine festivals and meet local winemakers.

The Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney, Australia, takes place in late June each year. Visitors can sample from various wineries and pair the wines with dishes made by skilled chefs.

The Fêtes des Vendanges, in Paris, France, was launched in 1934, Paris’ Grape Harvest Festival is a significant highlight of the year for locals and tourists.

The Okanagan Wine Festivals are held in British Columbia. One of the largest wine-producing regions in Canada, the Okanagan Valley holds over 200 vineyards. Four seasonal festivals take place, the most significant in October during the peak of the harvest season.

Vinitaly has been held in Verona, Italy, each year in April since 1967. Wine, art, food, and community are at the center of this Italian wine event.

Napa Valley Harvest is held from August through October in Northern California’s famous wine country. Vineyards across the valley invite visitors to enjoy tours, winemaking demonstrations, and tastings.

Popular Sandwich Types from around the World

Canadian professional Andrew Sommerhalder serves as group controller for Envision in Toronto. In this capacity, he analyses revenue, manages work in progress projects, and maintains inventory systems. Outside of work, Andrew Sommerhalder loves traveling around the world and searches for the best sandwich when on vacation, as well as in his home city. Below are some of the world’s best sandwiches you should try:

Banh Mi: A staple sandwich in Vietnam, the Banh Mi has clear ties to France that came from the country’s past colonization of Vietnam. The sandwich features a hefty amount of Vietnamese produce and ingredients inside, like cold cuts, pickled vegetables, and jalapenos. These are surrounded by a French baguette and pate.

Arepa: This Venezuelan and Colombian sandwich is a popular choice for an after-school snack or light lunch. Arepas are corn cakes filled with virtually anything, from cheese and egg to meat. They are very popular in South America, so finding them there is not challenging. Plus, you can make them at home with minimal effort.

Bean sandwich: Made from red beans cooked in a spicy tomato paste and put into a baguette, a bean sandwich is a common breakfast sandwich found in Senegal. Depending on how you want it, you can also add potatoes, onion sauce, eggs, and pasta into the sandwich so it has a bit more substance. In Senegal, you’ll find bean sandwiches at many street vendors and bakeries.

LCBO Releases Low Sugar Wines in 2021

A finance and accounting professional with over 20 years of experience, Andrew Sommerhalder leads teams and departments to achieve organizational goals. Outside his professional life, Andrew Sommerhalder is a wine aficionado who explores the latest wine creations in Ontario. He shares his top two recommendations with coworkers through a SharePoint file, including detailed pictures and links to wine distributor, Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO).

Considered one of the largest retailers of alcoholic beverages worldwide, LCBO is a governmental enterprise that manages more than 600 retail stores and provides wholesale supply to hundreds of grocery stores all over Ontario, Canada. In 2021, LCBO announced a roster of new alcoholic drinks with a low sugar profile.

Among LCBO’s latest low sugar and extra dry releases are the Bask Pinot Noir and the Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough. Both are sold as 750 mL bottles, but while the former is made of dark berries with notes of nuts and spices, the latter consists of grapefruit and green gooseberry leaf with an acidic tone. All LCBO beverages can be viewed and purchased online through their official website.